About Jason McCracken

Jason McCracken is a renowned DJ based in Sioux Falls, known for his exceptional skills in vinyl mixing and a deep appreciation for the art of DJing. His performances are a blend of technical mastery and a keen ear for music, making him a standout in the vibrant local music scene.

His ability to seamlessly transition between tracks and genres makes him a versatile performer, capable of energizing any crowd, whether at a wedding, club night, or private party.

His performances are more than just playing music—they are a tribute to the rich history of DJing and a celebration of its ongoing evolution.

For those looking for a DJ who brings both skill and soul to their events, Jason McCracken is an ideal choice, ready to deliver a memorable and engaging musical journey.

When he’s not DJing, he is enjoying good family time with his wife and daughter. A true family man. 

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Tier 2 Entertainer