About Alexia Schumacher

Alexia Schumacher, the dynamic force behind the decks, is known for her vibrant personality and passion for underground music. Growing up immersed in vinyl and eclectic beats, she quickly became a fixture in the underground scene.

Alexia’s sets weave together deep house, techno, and more, drawing inspiration from both established icons and emerging talents. Her selections reflect her diverse taste and commitment to authenticity.

With a contagious smile and boundless enthusiasm, Alexia creates an atmosphere of pure joy wherever she performs. Her fun-loving nature and genuine connection with the crowd make every event unforgettable.

For Alexia, DJing is about crafting an experiences and fostering genuine connections through music. Her aim is to transport listeners to a state of euphoria, fueled by her unwavering love for underground sounds.

Experience Alexia’s magic on the dance floor and let her infectious energy and love for underground music sweep you away!

When she’s not DJing, you can find her DJing the underground or taking in a great music festival. 

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