About Derrick Heintz

Derrick Heintz is celebrated in the Sioux Falls area for his vibrant and engaging DJ performances. With a naturally fun and outgoing personality, he excels at creating a lively atmosphere that encourages guests to dance and enjoy themselves. Derrick is passionate about music and specializes in curating playlists that appeal to diverse audiences, ensuring that every track resonates with the crowd.

His approachable demeanor and enthusiasm for entertainment make him a favorite among event organizers looking for someone to keep the energy high and the party moving. Whether it’s a wedding, corporate event, or a casual gathering, Derrick’s commitment to delivering a fun and memorable experience is evident in every performance. His ability to read a room and adapt the music accordingly ensures that every event is not just a success, but a truly festive occasion.

When he’s not DJing, you can find him Zamboni(ing) the ice or fulfilling his military duties for our country. 

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Tier 2 Entertainer