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Having a hard time seeing your vision?

Sometimes it is hard to imagine your wedding and the possibilities. Let me help it's what I do. You pick the venue and we will help design the perfect ambiance and design.  Our designers will literally sketch out a vision based on our conversation with you and work with your planner and florist. Why is it sketched? Because our work is original just like your wedding should be. Inspiration is great and that is why we want your wedding to be the next inspiration for others weddings. Let's set a new standard of excellence!


For over a decade we have been creating and designing some of the best visions for clients. Sometimes it can be difficult to see an idea or put yourself in your event. We can help you with that! We don't just google search for ideas and hope we can create a collaborative idea that looks complete. We sit down with you and understand the details or your vision, create a visual so you can better understand to true potential of your event.

Sit down with one of the leading event designers in the Midwest and see what your possibilities truly are.  We will  work along side your planner, florist, rental house and venue to design the ultimate design.

  Let's create your vision!

Creative Design starting at $5000+

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