What’s for dinner? This may be a question asked by many of your guests. While this is very important, don’t underestimate the importance of dinner music or cocktail hour music. Music sets the tone for an audible ambiance, just likdj jer cocktail musice up lighting sets the tone for visionary ambiance.

One thing to consider is to set different tones for your cocktail hour and dinner by using different types of music. You may want more of a jazzy party atmosphere for people to enjoy listening to while sipping on their beverages. When it’s time to dine, switch over to a more toned down yet still fun instrumental mix.

You may just want to rely on your DJ for a perfect mix of dinner music. We at DJ Jer Events and Lighting Design will take the time at your consultation to go over your style so we can choose the music that speaks to you. For those of you who are music buffs, feel free to compile your own song list with a mixture of genres or a single genre like country, 80’s rock love ballads, jazz, coffee house, acoustic and  instrumentals.

There are madj jer dinner musicny do’s and don’ts when choosing your dinner music. One very important tip to remember is to talk to your DJ in advance about the volume and style of music you would like playing in the background. The music should be a mix of soft ballads and instrumentals so your guests may engage in conversation without yelling at each other. Loud music is especially frustrating for your older guests.


You have so many details to figure out when planning your wedding… Let the staff DJ Jer Events & Lighting Design use their expertise to find the right style and tone for you to set the perfect audible atmosphere. Call or email us for your consultation today! 605-360-1102 or jeremy@djjer.com.