DJ Jer walks into a venue for a client. After the event occurs, the room looks the same as before. But what happens in between? Transforming the location over a few hours produces a beautiful compliment to the event it accompanies. A large contributing part of the amazing atmosphere created is the uplighting. Uplighting “creates a full wall illumination or event contrast to enhance your event and ambiance experience.” But what is it really?

Uplighting consists of LED projections onto a wall, creating a wash of color. What does that look like? Here is an example of uplighting from our portfolio:

Ceiling Wash at Brookings Wedding in South Dakota

The wash is made from LED lights placed on the floor and angled to create the specific washes requested. DJ Jer Events & Lighting Design possesses a wide array of colors to go with the event’s color palette, and compliments and contrasting colors will lift your event’s ambience to a new level.

But uplighting is not for every venue. Certain locations cannot have regular uplighting, but other solutions can be made. Visit with us at about how we can make your uplighting extraordinary. Setup your design session with our creative team today!

Want to know more about uplighting? Check out this video explaining what it is and how it’s used. See more of our work in action on our YouTube channel.