On our results page, we have a tab entitled “Lighting Textures”. But…what does that mean? A lighting texture is a breakup of light thrown onto a surface in a pattern. In other words, it makes the light used to illuminate an event throw in certain shapes. These shapes can be abstract or custom monograms for a specific event. Check out this post to learn more about our personalized monograms.

Examples of our abstract textures:

Abstract light texture 1

Abstract light texture 2

Example of custom monogram:

Custom Texture n Monogram

See a personalized monogram in action here, from our YouTube channel.

The benefits of using lighting textures encompass everything from ambience to a main attraction. Depending on the event, a texture can be so subtle that only the planner notices it. This can be best illustrated in textures like our star draping, which can be coordinated with the colors of each individual event. Star draping acts as an excellent backdrop for wedding parties, bands, other entertainment features, and overall event ambience.

Example of star draping:

Star Draping

Textures are tailored in color to each individual event to either contrast or compliment the colors. No matter the event, lighting textures can help take it one step higher. Set up a meeting with one of our lighting designers for your next event at https://djjer.wpengine.com/!