We all have that brief moment of panic when we realize we forgot put on deodorant in the morning.  As busy as the wedding day is, it’s easy to forget the little things before the big thing.  Every bride should be prepared by having a emergency kit handy filled with little essentials to grab on the run. Don’t let the little unexpected things get in the way of your wedding day.  You can create your e-kit with any of these travel-sized items.  Afterwards, just transfer the leftovers into your suitcase for honeymoon!

  • Mouthwash. Doritos breath gone, check.
  • Advil.  Headaches are not welcome here.
  • Eye drops.  Get rid of those dry eyes or allergies fast.
  • Snacks. No one wants to be around someone who is hangry (hangry = angry because of hunger).
  • Tweezers.  To make sure those eyebrows are on point.
  • Bobby pins. You always need another one.
  • Nail clipper.  Can snip last minute tags too.
  • Tissues.  Dab those happy tears away!
  • Chap Stick.  Dry lips are never fun.
  • Tampons.  Someone might need one.
  • Concealer.  Never hurts to reapply a little.
  • Water bottles.  Don’t forget to hydrate!
  • Small Sewing Kit. A bend and rip sometimes happens.
  • Hand Lotion.  Now you can stop thinking about your dry hands.
  • Floss. Get that annoying chunk of food out of your teeth.
  • Hairspray. Goodbye flyaways.
  • Deodorant. See first paragraph.

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