It’s finally and officially summer and everyone knows what that means… wedding season! Check out 7 big wedding trends that we have begun seeing in 2015 and think will stick around for the year. Don’t be afraid to incorporate some of these in your own wedding, no matter what your budget!

1. Colors

Soft colors like blush, cream, peach, and ivory are still very popular to decorate and plan your wedding around. Another popular trend this year is the use of monochromatic color schemes, or using multiple hues of one color together. Although softer pallets are trending, by the end of 2015, we think the bolder and brighter colors may make a comeback!

2. Flowers

Let’s look at a few popular styles for wedding flowers in 2015. The first we are seeing is the wild, organic look. This bunch of flowers may include ferns, foxgloves, and leafy mixes combined with loose roses and other wild flowers. Another trend that never seems to go away is the classic look. These arrangements will include flowers like roses or lilies of white and ivory. They create a traditional, elegant look for a wedding and go with any color schemes. Last is the soft pastel colored flowers, tightly bundled. These colored flowers prove how prevalent the softer colored trend is this year.

3. Wedding Dresses

With more brides distancing themselves from the traditional wedding experience, dress styles are changing. The off the shoulder necklines have started to become very popular as well as playing with the idea of having a unique tulle skirt. Other necklines that we are seeing include a dramatic deep v but also the opposite, some type of collared neckline. Besides the style, the colors are changing as well! More people are trying off-white colors like blush, gold, or ivory instead of the traditional white dress.

4. Decor

The most popular upcoming decor for today is lighting. Lighting can help to create the feel or the mood for an entire wedding. There are countless ways to do lighting differently in your wedding to create the feeling that you are looking for. There are styles like up-lighting, lighting textures, custom monograms, tent lighting, table lighting and many, many more. Here are a few lighting techniques that DJ Jer has done

“Lighting has become the number one way to create the ambiance that you are trying to achieve.”  -Megan, Gala by Megan

Table Spot Lighting in for Sioux Falls Events Redmond_Wedding-105_Logo wonderland wedding

Table Lighting                             Tent lighting                               Event Design

5. Venue

Picking the right venue can be hard. The first step is narrowing it down to fit your price, the number of guests you have, the number of rooms you feel are appropriate, the staff that they have available, and the style of your wedding. Although there are different types of venues, this year, more and more people are using lighting and decor to turn a location into whatever they dream of. And for DJs like us, the venue is extremely important to create a good atmosphere. Getting all of the guests in the venue to come together, through our guidance and music, and feel like they are part of the bride and groom’s special night is the main goal.

6. Theme

Creating a theme for your wedding is becoming a popular thing to do. It helps tremendously in bringing every aspect of your wedding together. Your theme can be shown in your invitations, cake, decor, and even in your wedding guest favors. The favorite theme, by far, for 2015 is the Country or Rustic Chic look. This look consists of burlap, lace, mason jars, wooden signs, and more. Although it has been seen a lot this year already, couples are trying hard to make this look unique and their own.

7. Entrances

Doing fun introductions for your wedding can make it a personal experience and really set yours apart from others. Here is a video clip of a personalized introduction created by us, DJ Jer Events and Lighting Design. As you will hear, special intros like this can bring all of the guests together through loud, genuine laughter. Because the bride and groom were brought in first, they are able to experience each introduction with their guests and enjoy every moment together.