Noteworthy Tips

If you like your hair after the trial run, let the selfies begin!  The more pictures you have the easier it will be for your stylist to recreate the look.

Book airfare at least three months in advance, especially for international flights.

Make time to eat as you and your wedding party are getting ready.  Nobody wants to be “hangry.”  Order something that can be delivered so there is no hassle picking up the food.

It’s not about the label on the gown, but it’s about which dress makes you feel best. Stand your ground.  You don’t want to get pushed into one you will regret later.

Talk to your caterer beforehand for suggestions on ways you can lower your food waste and catering bill.

Make your pictures even more special by incorporating some memorable details into them like where your spouse-to-be proposed or the location of your first date.

You can save money by booking your honeymoon stay in two different places. Book the first few nights in one resort and then schedule the last few nights in a less-expensive suite.

No one will be “partied out” for the big day and the bride will be less stressed if the bridal party is one to three months before the wedding.

Analyze your guest list.  Remember you do not have to feel obligated to invite everyone you know.  The fewer the people you invite means the more you can spend per person.

Hire a DJ who has experience in the industry.  DJ Jer Events and Lighting Design will bring you the reception you’ve always imagined. Our DJs are experts in entertaining and will keep the party rolling all night long. See for yourself! Set up a consultation today.

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