No matter what it is for, a venue can elevate or drag down an event. To make sure your venue is a success, keep these things in mind!

  1. Will food be served? Is there a kitchen for storing and heating food?
  2. Will there be entertainment? What kind of technology will they require?
    • When planning an event with entertainment, remember to check the acoustics of the room as well as the technology provided. The people providing the entertainment will thank you for thinking ahead.
  3. What kind of dress will be required?
    • Consider the weather with this as well. If it usually rains a lot around the time of your event, hosting an event in an outdoor pavilion seems inappropriate. The floors are also something to consider. Slick floors may not be the best idea if the attendees are elderly, or if anyone plans on wearing heels.
  4. What is the itinerary for the event?
    • Finding a place that is open for the duration of the event seems obvious, but planning for delays is crucial. If you pick a venue that is only open until 5PM, and you plan your event to 5PM without delays, an unexpected delay could give you unwanted overtime charges.
  5. Does the venue have the right ambiance?
    1. This is one of the most important aspects of selecting a venue. It just has to feel right. And it should feel right to the guests as well. Selecting an inappropriate location could mean people not coming to the event. Example: Chuck E Cheese is not a good choice for the company picnic.
  6. Is it handicap accessible?
    • It should be, considering the laws in the US, but it’s always a good idea to see if the facility provides accessibility beyond what is required by law.
  7. Is there sufficient parking?
    • Yes, this means having an approximate guest list. Extra planning, but worth it.
  8. Does the rental come with janitorial and security services?
    • Be prepared to do your own cleanup if not. If you need security, plan ahead for that as well.
  9. What’s the occupancy limit?
    • Don’t violate fire code. That’s about it.

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