Looking for something fun to use as a wedding décor theme but isn’t overused? Search no farther! Here are some fun ideas for decorating that can be used any time of year:

  1. Water balloon painted décor. Great activity for bachelorette/bachelor party or for kids.
    1. Supplies: small cans of paint, whatever colors you want. Water balloons, including the nozzle. Empty water bottles.
    2. DIY: Pour paint into the water bottles and attach the water balloon nozzle. 2. Blow up the water balloons slightly then fill with paint from bottles. 3. Throw balloons at desired white surface. NOTE: this activity is best done outside or in a room that has been covered in plastic to avoid painting everything in site. The splatters from the balloons will spray several feet away from where the balloon hits.
    3. What to use it on: Tablecloths, wall decorations, photo booth backdrop, centerpieces ($ store vases or paper flowers)
  2. Music Theme. Are you and your sweetheart music fanatics? From vinyl to social media, these decoration ideas will leave you singing.
    1. Vinyl Butterflies. Use only on records you don’t want to listen to anymore. Learn how to make them here.
    2. Sheet Music origami. Glue old pages of sheet music together to create center pieces in whatever shape you which. Make a unique bouquet out of folded sheet music flowers or a headband for your veil.
  3. Superhero/Supervillain: Make your own t-shirts to wear to the reception, bridesmaids as superheroes and groomsmen as supervillains, or vice versa. No one has to change, just put them on over or under clothes. The t shirt paper can be bought at almost any craft store. It could make for a fun dance off! Theme each table to a different super via colors with a centerpiece that has to do with the character. White vases with the superhero/villain logo drawn or painted on is a cost effective idea that still looks amazing.
  4. Nerd Alert: Do you and your fiancé have a show or book series you both love? Theme your decorations to that mutually adored series! It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, even theming colors and giving each table a chapter name is enough for you two to know. If no one else understands, don’t worry, you created an awesome ice-breaker!


Remember, the wedding theme reflects the couple its about. Make it as unique as you are! Learn about designing an event with us on this page and see our previous event designs here.