Say Cheese!

Taking pictures and documenting moments are important to so many people in today’s day and age. Even social media is evolving, focusing more than ever on the picture aspects of the sites and apps. Instagram is one of these sites that is becoming especially popular because of the abilities to edit, crop, and filter your images and then share them with your friends. Because of its popularity, we have created the Instagram Booth, something that is great for big events like weddings or even corporate/professional parties. So far, everyone has loved it!

How it works:

First you create a hashtag. A hashtag starts with a # symbol and then has a word or a phrase attached at the end that describe your event. For example, a corporate party that we did was having a James Bond themed party so they used #doubleho7 as their hashtag. Next, we bring our special Instagram printer to your event. Then, during your event, people will take pictures of anyone and anything they like and post them to their Instagram using your hashtag. And voilĂ , our printer automatically creates a copy of that picture for them!

The trick is, anytime your unique hashtag is used on a post, our printer knows that you are with the event. Once it is posted, the image will print out on our printer. Now your guests will have a physical printout of their Instagram picture that they can take home!

Another way this could be used at a wedding is to use the Instagram Booth as a fun way to sign into the guest list. The couple would share their hashtag with their guests and then when the guests go to sign in, all of the couples or families that want to could snap a picture, post it to Instagram, print it out, and paste it into a guest book with their names! A unique touch to a simple and small aspect of a wedding.

If you are interested in renting out the Instagram Booth for your event, or would like extra details, contact us now!