Dear Readers,

Wedding thank-yous can be an overwhelming task to approach. Most people want to avoid it. Maybe if I just imagine the notes written, addressed, and sent, they would magically do it themselves. Unfortunately, that is not the case and we have to muster up a little effort to express our thanks in a sincere and gracious way.

Everyone appreciates the small gesture of receiving a thank-you note. People often overlook the power a little thank-you note can hold. It does not have to be pages upon pages of writing; a thoughtful paragraph will do the trick. Below are some tips for writing thank-you notes.

1. Writing letters is easier when all the necessary supplies are together.
Dedicate a drawer or basket to the stamps, stationary, pens, and address book you will need. Try to think about writing the thank-you notes in chunks rather than all at once. This will help make your project less daunting. (Grabbing your hubby to help also works.)

2. Handwritten thank-you notes are a must. If you want to check your spelling and grammar, it might not be a bad idea to draft the note on a computer first.
Although handwriting your card is necessary, it is okay to print out address labels to save time.

3. Although it’s hard, send your thank-you notes out as soon as possible or within the first two weeks of receiving the gift. If you miss this so-called deadline, you are not off the hook. Receiving a thank-you note six months later is still better than not receiving one at all.

4. When writing your thank-you, do not refer to the specific amount of money given. Simply say you greatly appreciate their generosity and proceed on to explain how you will use it.

Hopefully these tips will give you the motivation you need to get started. I cannot express enough how important it is to have manners and a grateful mindset.

Thanks again for reading.