Wedding receptions tend to blend together if you go to a handful of weddings in a short amount of time. To make your reception memorable for everyone, try one of these ideas below to make your night unique.

1. Plan a surprise. Fireworks at the end of the night, or a flash mob dance in the middle of the reception are fun ways to make your reception impressive and different.
2. Make a statement by switching up the traditional order of events. Have your dessert first. Life is short.
3. Set up a build your own snack station so guests can customize their food just the way they like it. Everyone has different preferences in the way they like their foods prepared. Make everyone happy by letting them do it themselves. A grilled cheese bar, candy station, or mini taco buffet will keep your guests energy and satisfaction levels high.
4. Place fun facts about you and your partner on all the tables to spark conversations and other stories among your guests. You can even leave a deck of conversation starters for your guests to use to mingle with people they might not know at their table.
5. Tie in a cultural dance if it is important to your family. Play the newest dance craze or pick a cherished one you enjoy most as a couple.
6. Hang a cluster of pictures for guests to look at as they mingle. Old pictures are fun to look at no matter what age.
7. Have the MC or DJ host a trivia challenge about the two of you and have each table work as a team to answer. The table with the most correct answers wins a small prize or gets bragging rights for the rest of the night.
8. Set up a mini photo booth and use a hash tag to for guests to share their photos with you. Once on Instagram, you will have easy access to the photos because they will all be in one place.
9. Have a phone charging station. Nothing bums people out like a dead phone. Keep the cameras alive and well with a couple extra chargers in the back of the room.
10. Plan awesome entertainment. It is hard to remember exactly what people say to you, but you will never forget how they made you feel. Feel upbeat and happy with the musical entertainment in the background. DJ Jer Events and Lighting Design can provide everyone with an extraordinary experience.

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