It seems only natural to talk about the universal language of women. Shoes. The big day holds many options for what shoes to wear. We all know what a good pair of shoes can do for your day. Once you have the perfect pair picked out, you can personalize them even more.  Here are a couple of suggestions for putting some extra love into the shoes you choose.


Personalize the bride’s shoes with a handwritten message on the bottom of the soles. A special note or prayer from the bridesmaids and/or groom is a great way to brighten the bride’s step. If you are looking to upgrade the look of a pair of heels you already own, you can apply lace to the back of the heel to give the heels an updated stylish look. You can also use this idea to tie in the assortment of bridesmaids’ heels if there are multiple colors worn but you are looking to have a common element in all.  Think outside the box, or shoe!

Dancing Shoes

Most ladies on the dance floor are going to want to swap out their  heels for a more comfortable pair of shoes.  You can set out a tin bucket filled with flip-flops by the dance floor for your guests to use.  You can put a sign in front of basket saying, “A little treat for your feet” or “If your feet are tired and sore grab a pair to dance some more!” This will encourage more dancing, less whining. The bride can either throw on a pair of flip-flops or choose to set apart her dancing shoes from the rest.  One cute idea is to re-lace a pair of white converse sneakers with sheer white ribbon.

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