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DJ Pricing for weddings in Sioux Falls

You get what you pay for regarding wedding DJs. People want their guests to experience an amazing reception, but it is really based on their priorities. Some people want their dance and entertainment experience to be on the top of their priority list. This is where our top 4 package tiers really become the best options for our clients. For the couples who put their food as a bigger priority, but still want a fun event, our additional package options would be a great fit for them.

The biggest question to ask yourself is, “How do I want guests to remember your wedding day? Was it delicious, smelled lovely, or was it an epic party made of amazing memories that I will never forget?”

Chat with us and let’s find out which tier makes the most sense for you and your celebration.

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Wedding Tiered Pricing

It’s about your experience! Our tiered pricing is based on the level of experience you can expect for your wedding and through the planning process. It’s about the wow moments we create along with you to give you and your guests an unbelievable experience.

Why does it cost more to go on a Disney vacation compared to Six Flags? Because you are making an investment for memories that are going to last a lifetime.

Our tier 1 and 2 options are going to give you good experience, Our Tier 3 brings a great level of professionalism and experience. Tier 4 and 5 are some of the top entertainers in the company creating great memories, and “DJ Jer” himself is going to provide you an experience that will leave a lasting memory and have guests saying, “That was the best wedding reception ever.”

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