Check out these Sioux Falls and other local wedding/event venues that we know you will love! These venues are great for big groups of people and have the ability to be transformed however you like… with the right help, that is. At DJ Jer Events and Lighting Design, we love being able to work with venues we know well. We have tons of ideas about the room setup and lighting that will make it look magnificent! Here are some local favorite spots:

Icon Head Table      Old Sanctuary

Icon Event Hall- Sioux Falls                                                     The Sanctuary- Brookings, SD

55801235      Dainty Obsessions Wedding Show-8

CJ Callaways- Sioux Falls                                                        The District- Sioux Falls

Holiday Inn Sioux Falls     full outdoor lighting

Holiday Inn Sioux Falls City Centre                                 The Country Club of Sioux Falls

Falls Overlook Cafe     Up-Lighting Sioux Falls 5

Falls Overlook Cafe- Sioux Falls                                              Sioux Falls Convention Center

Hilton Garden Inn     Museum of Visual Mateials

Hilton Garden Inn- Sioux Falls                                       Museum of Visual Materials- Sioux Falls

Last but not least, here is a video of a couple’s wedding located at the Washington Pavilion- Sioux Falls

Yes, we love working with these local venues, but we are also excited whenever we get the chance to explore new venues as well. If you are looking to spice up your venue with a well-trained DJ and a master of lighting design, contact us to set up a consultation.