Just thinking about wedding cake gets my mouth watering. Not only are they amazing tasting, but they are amazing looking, too! Your wedding cake look can be inspired by just about anything. Whether its a theme, color, flower, shape, or design, bakers seem to be able to do just about anything these days.

Here at Uptown Events, we are lucky to be surrounded by the best of the best in each area of wedding planning. The Cake Lady of Sioux Falls is a baker with an eye for detail and beauty, which you can see in a few of her cakes below.

Here are 7 cake trends that we are seeing in 2015:

Flowered Cake

An elegant look that is always a beautiful for a wedding cake is flowered. This can be done in so many different ways, with sugar flowers, flower bouquets, colored flowers, and real flowers. The flowers can be used to incorporate your colors, your themes, or just more of the beautiful flowers you are using throughout your wedding day.


Cakes With Bling

Using gold, silver, or sparkled accents on your wedding day has been trending this year. These blinged-out themes are great for bold brides. Sure, we’ve seen these accents brighten up your decor with a shine, but why not incorporate it into your cake too?

FullSizeRender(1)       FullSizeRender

-Both of these cakes are baked by Uptown Events’ very own, The Cake Lady of Sioux Falls

Video Mapped Cake

This cake trend is slowly becoming more and more popular. By starting with a relatively plain cake, lighting professionals like ourselves are able to get any sort of color, design, or pattern to appear or move along your cake. It can turn your cake into something stunning and unique. Watch this video to see an example of a cake that we lit with video mapping.

Painted Cake

Another newer cake trend is painted cake. These cakes are fun and artsy and can have the most intricate designs. Whether you want a water-color look or just a few painted accents, it will make your cake stand out from the rest.

IMG_6090        IMG_6093

-Two more beautiful cakes created by The Cake Lady of Sioux Falls

Ruffled Cake

A simple, yet elegant appearance is adding sugar ruffles or some frill to your cake. This look is great for any type of  wedding… traditional, rustic-chic, beach, etc. It can be done by embellishing just one layer, like the cake we see on the left, or by giving the entire cake frills that are light, airy, and beautiful like the one on the right.

17187747461_1e4dbf159f_z         IMG_6092

-The cake featured on the right is another done by The Cake Lady of Sioux Falls

Monogram Cake

Creating a monogram for your wedding is a must in 2015. Monograms can be displayed on invites, napkins, in lighting designs, and of course incorporated into your cake! At DJ Jer Events and Lighting Design, we can help you to create your very own, custom monogram to light on the walls, above tables, on the floor, or anywhere else you can think of. Using that same monogram on your cake could be an elegant addition.

4725584480_e3a88fa685_z         6436293961_b1a91cc220_z

Naked Cake

The last trend we wanted to mention is the naked cake. These cakes go unfrosted, giving them a more natural look. These cakes are many times paired with berries, chocolate drizzle, fruit, or fresh flowers and are great for any occasion, especially an outdoor wedding!

16566527288_1fee47a970_z        15105213908_919dc6a6f8_z

Not only are we, DJ Jer Events and Lighting Design, able to help you with monogram designs and creating a video mapped cake, we can also make your cake pop anywhere in the room through lighting techniques like cake spotting. Cake spotting is a type of pin spotting that brings attention to your cake and gives it that extra light it needs to stand out.

Being able to help with unique aspects of weddings, like cake lighting or designs, is so much fun for us. Set up your own consultation with us to go over how we can make a difference at your event!