Believe it or not, music plays a big role in setting tone for the night. When considering a professional DJ, you will want to have a mental checklist about what is important to you. Being prepared with your goals and objectives will make it easier when researching your DJ. During the research process, don’t be afraid to ask prospective DJs questions. I would recommend making time before your wedding day to meet with your DJ to communicate your plans. Consider the top list of adjectives you’ll want in a DJ before you pick yours.


You want a DJ who loves their job, who desires to learn the latest techniques and trends in the music industry. He is knowledgeable in the subject and in reading the crowd so he is able to keep the night rolling smoothly all night long. This person should bring energy to the party and attract others to the dance floor because of how much fun it looks.


The DJ should maintain a professional character and be reliable. He should be polished, poised, and well dressed in a suit. He is not going to be someone trying to score as many free drinks from the open bar as he can or running an hour behind to set up. He has experience in the industry and can accurately estimate how long it will take to assemble the equipment. He is skilled in his field and is confident he can give your guests an unforgettable time.


Although you want your DJ to maintain a professional manner, you do not want a robot. You want someone who is going to be animated, personable, and well liked by the crowd. Someone who can smoothly guide the course of events from one event to another in an entertaining fashion so guests are prepared for what is next. This person is able take your night from average to exceptional. You will be getting compliments about how great your entertainment was in the months to follow.


You want your reception to be one-of-a-kind, and uniquely tailored to your personality. It is important to you to have a DJ who is imaginative and innovative so your night can be all you hoped for and more. This person is someone who will go the extra mile to personalize your party. People are fascinated with this person because of his charming charisma and the way he interacts with the crowd.

Above describes our DJs at DJ Jer Events and Lighting Design. We have quality DJs who are some of the best in the business. You can rest assure your night will be in good hands with any of our guys. Our available dates are going fast because we understand the value of your entertainment experience. I would encourage you to book sooner rather than later to guarantee a DJ. Call us or visit our website to set up a free consultation.

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