Opinions are not hard to find these days, and you can find one on just about anything.  Unfortunately, the same holds true for planning your wedding.  As your wedding day approaches people can overwhelmingly fill your ears with their beliefs towards every single detail of your day.  Different points of view can be great because they can expose you to new options and broaden your range of choices.  However, not all options are going to be winners, so here are some ways to graciously say no to others.


“I think you should do this and this and this…”

You: I wish I could, but that’s just not in our budget for the wedding.


Your distant relative wants to invite her “special friend” to your reception dinner.

You: You know, we’ve had to make so many tough decisions already to get our list down we can’t possibly add another person.  But, how about we all get appetizers sometime? I would love to meet him in person.


I would be honored to sing at your wedding if you’d like me to.”

You: What a kind offer—thank you, but we have already have the wedding singer planned.


You’re not really feeling the bridal shower Grandma wants to throw you. 

You: Thanks so much for offering, but I really don’t want a party.  How about we splurge on a spa day instead?  I want to spend some quality time with you Grandma.


Remember to stand your ground and choose what you want for your special day – it’s your party!