Picking a DJ for your wedding is a bigger commitment than you may originally think. Hiring someone with experience and passion is important, but there are many other aspects that will take your wedding to the next level. At DJ Jer Events and Lighting Design, we pride ourselves in the work we do for every couple we work with. Each wedding we do is unique and memorable in a different way, and we think you deserve a DJ who goes above and beyond for you! Here are a few things that we do and know are important to have in a wedding DJ.

1. Music

Not only is it important for your DJ to know the music they will be playing, your DJ also should stick to playing what you want and know when the right time is to play each song. Our DJs are great at reading the crowds, which helps each of them to know just the right time to play the party songs and when to play the slow dance songs. For us, keeping the reception smooth and flowing is key to being a great DJ.

2. Listener

Another characteristic that your DJ should have is great listening skills. Being a DJ is all about catering to the people you work for so it is important to listen to them and know exactly what they want. Everyone has a different idea of how they want their wedding reception to play out. Some are looking for a big party atmosphere, and some are looking for a relaxing night with good music. Knowing ahead of time what the couple is looking for helps DJs like ourselves to know how to do our job best.

3. Director

Having a DJ that knows how to be a crowd director is another factor you should look for when you’re hiring a DJ. There is a lot going on at a wedding reception: special dances, cake cutting, bouquet toss, and so much more. Your DJ should know how to get the crowds attention so that everyone knows what is going on and when. This will keep everyone relaxed and keep the night flowing smoothly.

4. Coordinator

A lot of work has to be done in advance to make sure your wedding reception turns out perfectly. A great DJ will coordinate with the wedding party, photographers, videographers, and even the caterers to make sure everyone is working together to guarantee that things will be done at the right time. Because the DJ knows the exact timing of moments like the first dance or a surprise from the wedding party, they need to coordinate with people like photographers so that they know what is going on and are able to capture all of the candid moments.

5. Communicator

The last of the key 5 attributes your DJ needs to have is good communication. Planning a wedding is a lot of work and can take months to prepare. A great DJ will keep in contact with you at all stages before wedding, giving you ideas of what to work on and when. We know from experience that communicating in the early stages makes the later stages of planning easier and a lot more stress free.

“Our DJ did such an amazing job of being an MC and keeping track of time and events that were happening; he was very professional yet relaxed. And most important, the music was awesome! Our DJ had an awesome playlist that kept our dance floor packed the whole time”- Kelly

Sometimes its the little things that count the most.  If this sounds like the kind of DJ you are looking for, set up a consultation with us and let us help make your wedding day magical.