A Big Entrance

Wedding party entrances and introductions are a fun way that you can start off your reception with a bang! And they are so easy to make unique and memorable. Giving your guests a little background on your wedding party can help everyone in the crowd feel as if they know each other a little better. We know it’s intimidating to go to a friend or family members wedding and feel as if you don’t know anyone, so getting information to break the ice with another person can make all the difference! Not to mention, telling those goofy stories and hilarious moments will give everyone a good laugh to start the night off right.

How are we different?

At DJ Jer Events and Lighting Design, we work hard to give each and every couple we work with the day they are dreaming of. Given that, helping to create and organize some of the little things, like a great wedding party introduction, is as important to us as it is to you.

One thing that we love to do differently when organizing the entrances is bring the bride and groom in first. Yes, we said first! While traditionally, the bride and groom are the last to come into the room, we know that their wedding party is made up of their closest friends and family. Giving the bride and groom a chance to smile and laugh with their party as they are each brought in after them, makes the introductions that much more special.

Here is a snippet of the personalized introductions that we created for a wedding we were a part of. As you will see, bringing the bride and groom in first let them experience the humor of the entrances with their guests and created a great start to the reception. If you are looking for help creating introductions for your wedding, contact us now!