An up and coming necessity for big events and weddings today is lighting. The lighting can dramatize, bring attention to certain areas of your venue, bring a wanted feel or ambiance, and most importantly, WOW all of your guests! There are so many different styles of lighting that most people don’t know are even possible. At DJ Jer Events and Lighting Design, we make sure to have all of the best, state of the art equipment to keep us on top of the game. Along with the great equipment, we have our staff members continually training so that they can bring you that desired look. Check out this quick lighting guide to explore the many lighting possibilities or see more on our Lighting Page.


Not only can you customize your designs and sequences, but you can create a beautiful atmosphere for your event through up-lighting. Your event venue will be illuminated with your preference and style.

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Lighting Textures

A great way to create atmosphere or dimension at an event is using lighting texture. Patterns and textures can help make your theme one of a kind.

snowflake lighting

Custom Monograms

Creating a custom monogram can be a way to express your style. You can create a beautiful centerpiece for a wedding or even help brand your event for corporate events.

Madison Monogram South Dakota Monogram

Wall Washes

With full wall wash lighting, you can illuminate the entire room with the color choices you dream of. This will create an ambiance throughout the room that takes people’s breath away.

Hilton Garden Inn

Tent Lighting

Turn white canvas tents into an open, elegant area. The lighting blends with the tent to keep it looking natural. Pick and create one color or tone from the LED color mixing or create a multiple color transition to blow your guests away.

Moonlight Tent

Table Lighting

There are multiple ways you can incorporate table lighting into your event. A great way to accent centerpieces or display items on your table is pin spotting. Pin spotting can enhancing flowers or make display items like a cake stand out! Another type of lighting is spot lighting. This can not only highlight centerpieces, but it illuminates the entire table. Under-lighting tables is another idea where you can create a beautiful and contemporary feel to any atmosphere by lighting cocktail tables, buffets, and even head tables to stand out in an elegant way.

Sioux Falls Pin Spotting    cake pinspot    underglow table purple

Outdoor Lighting

Enhance the natural beauty of the outdoors by lighting tents, trees, waterfalls, and more. Enhancing the ambiance of an event through the outdoor lighting will be memorable for all of your guests.

full outdoor lighting

Extra Detailing

Putting in that extra detailing lighting will set you apart from the crowd. Using our own original creations, a few standout details are the Edison Lighting Ambiance, starry night, or prestige create event design.

Dainty Obsessions Wedding Show-1