Now that you are married you are on your journey to find the vendors who are going to give you a great wedding day. As a wedding professional DJ Jer Events and Lighting understands that there are so many options and decisions can be completely overwhelming. We can help relieve a lot of that anxiety and find professionals who are great fits for you based on your needs and wants. This past Sunday we were fortunate to visit with so many amazing couples and hear about their exciting engagements and plans. Just like an overwhelmed bride and groom us professionals can also feel overwhelmed. The only difference is we want to make sure we can take care of as many couples as possible because we know exactly what we can provide for you. Here are a couple tips when attending a bridal show.

Black Tie Bridal Show Sioux Falls

1. Don’t ever book a professional at the show! They might be giving away an amazing deal to entice you to buy into their product. The only reason this would be is because they aren’t confident in their actual value and feel the only way to make the deal is to have a fire sale. Make sure you truly get to know them and what they can do for your wedding before rushing into anything.

2. Setup a meeting with the professionals you really would like to visit with. Be ready for a ton of phone calls after the wedding show because that little list they get after the show allows them to contact you. The only way you will hear from us is if you personally provide us information and requests a meeting. We will make sure to schedule a meeting with you to get to know exactly what you are looking for in your entertainment. If you didn’t provide us your information? Sorry, you will not hear from us.

3. Don’t just search for the free stuff. It is typically the things that cost the most that have the most value. Service will probably go beyond your expectations so get to know exactly what is included.

4. This brings us to the next key element, don’t price shop. Things are priced the way they are for a reason. Make sure you are measuring things apples to apples. Many times cheaper seems like the better options but the end results could be devastating.

5. Find a perfect fit. Just like getting engaged you need to create a relationship with 4 key elements for your wedding day. Your photographer who will be with you the entire wedding day. The officiant who will have a personal and important factor in your marriage. Your banquet facility who will assist you in making sure your guests are comfortable and provided a great meal. Of course the entertainment who is providing the services that will leave the lasting impact or last memory of what your wedding day was like. If the DJ doesn’t care about you, it will show in the performance and the results from your entire wedding day.


The Black Tie Bridal Show provided a great flow of Sioux Falls brides which allowed us to visit and get to know so many of you. We hope to hear from you about your wedding and please contact us today to setup your one on one consultation.