No matter how well planned an event or how perfect a venue, getting the word out is perhaps the most important aspect of any event. A surprisingly large slice of the corporate world does not know how to publicize their events to the largest audience they would want. So what resources should they use to get the word out?

  1. Social Media. Probably the most underused for this kind of event, social media usually turns up as the most effective mode of getting the word out. More and more of the day to day processes in companies, including meetings and idea sharing, take place in online forums and via email. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and any blog sites that are frequented by the target audience should be utilized.
  2. Email. Yes, rather old school, but email still works for getting an effective message out to the specific people targeted. Also known as evites. Make your message fun with interesting backgrounds and buzzwords for your party or event.
  3. Big eye-catching posters. These are more effective than one may think. If placed in the correct spot, more people can see this poster and talk about it to friends and acquaintances, hitting a wider audience than just the specific groups targeted by email or memos.
  4. Word of Mouth. Tell people about it! If everyone that hears about it verbally tells one other person, that’s a huge group of people.
  5. Fairly self-explanatory, but invitations with “RSVP” written on them are super helpful and usually more effective than playing guess and check.

These methods are best utilized collaboratively. So when it’s time to get the word out for your next event, remember these tips!

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