This past weekend, we were able to be a part of a very fun wedding reception. Not only was it an amazing reception, there was a big surprise waiting for the Bride and Groom.

Two months before the day of the wedding, the Matron of Honor contacted us with an idea. She and the wedding party wanted to do a flash mob during the reception to surprise the bride and groom. We were excited by the idea and told them we would love to help! Time went by and the idea got pushed to the back of everyone’s minds until the day before the wedding when we received a call from the Matron of Honor telling us she had the video, music, and choreography ready. Thinking we were going to have all of this ready weeks before, we quickly started coming up with ideas for everyone to learn the choreography and make it happen.

They decided that Jeremy would teach everyone the dance once the wedding party arrived at the reception location, but more and more people kept arriving, so there was no time! They came up with a plan to get the bride and groom away by talking to the photographer and planning some last minute “sunset pictures” for the Bride and Groom. With the two of them gone for a short 15 minutes, Jeremy and the Matron of Honor got everyone ready and taught them the dance. Then the reception was underway.

The night was going well and the Matron of Honor began to give her speech. At the end of the speech, the flash mob began! The Bride and Groom were the only two in the room that didn’t know what was going on and it ended up a great success. The bride and groom were surprised and loved it!

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