When asked to give three words to describe their events, our DJs most often have said energetic, engaging, and fun. What are these couples doing to create these fun, energetic, and engaging wedding receptions and dances? The DJ (of course) is a HUGE asset to their evening. A good DJ will engage the audience, take weight off the bride and grooms shoulders and make sure everyone is involved throughout the evening, A good DJ is always looking for an opportunity to create a ‘moment’. Here are several tips for creating an engaging, energetic and fun night:

• Games. The ‘Shoe Game’ is still popular after several years. The couples are given questions prior to the wedding that only be answer with “ME” or “HE or SHE”. This can cause quite the disagreement between the newlyweds but mostly will cause some laughs and oohs and ahhs from the guests. Ask your DJ for a game idea that best suits your personalities.

• Personal touches. Personalized moments that create excitement and emotions that will keep you and your guests remembering your day for a lifetime. Set up a meeting with your DJ to learn more about this!

• MUSIC – keep your music lively and remember that you will want songs that people can dance to. Put your trust in the hands of a good DJ to read the crowd to keep the dance floor full. Your last song plays a key role in your night as well! Pick out a slow and fast song. Make the slow song your second choice after your first song dance.

Your wedding doesn’t have to be like everyone else. A good DJ will get to know the couple and listen to their ideas and find the best way to incorporate those ideas into your reception. Watch our 121 second intro video to get the best feel for a night with DJ Jer Events & Lighting Design. https://djjer.wpengine.com/ Remember there are no “DO OVERS” in your wedding dance… Invest in the part of your day that your guests will remember the most! Call or text 605-360-1102 to set up a meeting today!

Photos courtesy of Dan Thorson Photography. http://danthorson.com/