Ed Sheeran deserves to be the number one first dance song of the century. If you like Ed Sheeran and might want alternative options for your first dance, we have just the thing.

When I meet with our couples and we start to discuss their first dance we usually hit a point in the conversation where they say, “We are using Ed Sheeran, “Thinking Out Loud”. You are probably getting sick of hearing that song for the first dance, aren’t you?”

I first want to give peace of mind that I love this song! This song really is the perfect first dance and I don’t see it going anywhere anytime soon. The words, “I’ll be loving you until we’re 70…” it doesn’t get any better than growing old with each other in your relationship and always being there for each other, “when the crowd don’t remember my name.”

I was fortunate to see Ed Sheeran when he came to Sioux Falls and he is one of the most gifted musical artist I have ever seen. Not only an amazing voice, but he is the entire band which makes me appreciate what he does as an artist even more.

Ed Sheeran is an amazing artist with many great songs and if you’re looking for other great alternative songs for your First Dance as husband and wife these might be great options:

1. Photograph – This song is by far one of my favorite songs that he does. It has such a awesome message and the video just tears me apart.

2. Tenerife Sea – What a song with a beautiful sound. The intro leads in to a perfect set of lyrics.

3. Lego House – Building a relationship and working together as a couple through love.

4. Be my Forever ft. Christina Perri – Fun and bubbly song which would create a stellar first dance together.

5. One – Being apart and realizing you can’t live without the other person.

For more great song choices for your First Dance contact DJ Jer to find your perfect song.