DJ Jer First Winner of Rising Star Award

Jeremy Brech recently returned from a week at Think Tank a humbled and honored award winner. For almost 15 years some of the brightest minds and best entertainers across the country, and now the world, have gathered to create family of trust. A family where they can innovate and freely share some of the newest and biggest trends in the DJ industry. Jeremy Brech with DJ Jer Events and Lighting Design was selected back in 2014 in the Sioux Falls area because of his drive, passion, creativity and leadership in the industry.

Jeremy stated, “I love learning from Think Tank and raising the bar in the Sioux Falls area to provide a better quality service and experience for my couples and clients. There is something so special about this group and the amazing people who I can call family.”

DJ Think Tank is a wide spectrum of talent and business. It’s about knowing that there are no limitations to what we can achieve in our businesses. Businesses across the world from small single operations to large million dollar companies collaborate; everyone has great knowledge to share and something to give. “It was an honor to be selected into the group but more importantly it is an honor to feel like I have given back.”

Jeremy Brech was selected as the first recipient for the “DJ Think Tank Rising Star Award.” An award that was presented to someone who has not been in the group for a long period of time but the group felt like they have had significant impact on to the group. Jeremy went on to say in his acceptance, “It is an honor to be given recognition from such an amazing group. To know that I have given and made an impact on a group that has given me so much is such a honor and I can’t thank you enough.”

Jeremy’s ability to help and assist others in their lighting design and creativity allows him to push the envelope in Sioux Falls and the surrounding area. His willingness to help others get inspired drives his passion for this group.
“It was very humbling as I was walking  back to my seat after accepting my award and hearing so many of the people that I truly look up to and respect say, “Well deserved”.”