We all go to events and admire some aspect about them, whether it’s the wall decorations or awesome floor layout. Sometimes they even rank higher in our mind because of those little details we catch.  Here are two ways you can make your wedding different with the details.

Entry Way

Whether its the bride making her first appearance to walk down the aisle or the host of a grand party, making an entrance memorable is important.  Enhance the entrance by decorating an archway that leads into the room. You could garnish the archway with twine and lights, or if you have an outside wedding with vines and a wreath. Drapes are another way to add a dramatic or elegant flare to the person’s arrival. Creating an entrance to remember is detail not to be overlooked.  It can be simple, elegant, whimsical, or whatever the feel the you would have.  Yet it will be a timeless memory your guests will hold on to forever, not just in their minds but in the photos they share.

Photo inspiration: Colin Cowie Weddings


Mood matters.  The feel of the room, it’s energy, it’s light has everything to do with an unforgettable event.  Every great event captures the importance found in details; lighting is what sets apart the amateurs from the professionals. Lighting can set the whole tone of the night and transform your environment into a breathtaking one.  By using certain colors and techniques, you can highlight specific or important pieces to portray the perfect ambiance. At DJ Jer Events and Lighting Design, our innovative staff can make your event visually appealing for everyone by creating the ambiance you desire. Our strengths lie in creativity and innovation, which helps us to renovate any plain space into an exceptional, unforgettable scene. If you are interested in a top quality, no worry, jaw dropping event please contact us.