If dancing isn’t your strong suit, the wedding reception may be your arch-nemesis. From popular hits to the slow dance classics, dancing in front of people can be scary. Honestly, how do people make it look so easy? Really, it’s all about confidence and how you move your feet. But that may not be a comfort to the less graceful among us…myself included. Lucky for us, most wedding receptions include a lot of the same songs or styles of songs with simple dance moves that go with them. Here’s some easy dance steps you can learn at home before the next reception!

  1. The Box Step. This is a simple step that can be used for any slow dance, and is basically the same for men and women. If you’ve ever seen a movie where a couple dances a simple waltz, they are using the box step. Check out this tutorial to learn how to slow dance.
  2. The Electric Slide. Worried about stepping on your partner’s toes? No problem, this wedding reception classic is done individually as a line dance. Even though the song does not tell you what to do like the Cha Cha Slide, it is very simple and easy to learn. Check out this video to learn the Electric Slide.

So we have a slow dance and a line dance, but what about the upbeat pop music and faster songs? There are a few options that work for almost any dance with a consistent beat.

  1. Salsa. Salsa dancing is known as a Latin dance, but it can easily be paired with any upbeat song. Salsa follows a simple forward and back pattern, so it is easy to learn. For the basic steps and a few fun additions, check out this tutorial to learn how to dance to a fast-paced song.
  2. Swing. A full swing dance requires a partner who also knows what they are doing. But the basic steps for swing dancing come in handy when you’re grooving out on the dance floor. They give you something to do with your feet instead of just standing in place and bouncing. Learn some basic footwork on this video.

No post about dancing would be complete without a tribute to pop-culture dancing. So, for some good-natured fun and to see a few hip-hop dance moves in action, check out this Jimmy Fallon clip: The Evolution of Hip Hop Dancing.

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