What makes your wedding day special is the people around you.  Without all your favorite friends by your side would it really be the same? And what’s better than having everyone you love come together to celebrate? Of course, not everybody who is attending your wedding is going to know each other, but wouldn’t it be nice if those standing by your side on the big day knew each other? Naturally, the more comfortable people are around each other, the more likely they’re going to be themselves.  Bonding your bridesmaids and seeing new friendships form is like music to the bride’s ears. Getting everyone together can be a challenge to schedule, but don’t worry! Below are some different bonding ideas to fit into any schedule.


If you’ve got an open weekend…

Go Camping!  Nothing bonds people faster than the great outdoors.  Story-telling around the campfire,  hiking on the trails, and sleeping in tents will give everyone memories to last a lifetime. It will be a fun-filled, cozy weekend adventure your friends and family will never forget.


If you’ve got a free Friday night…

Host a game night.  Playing charades is one quick way to bond friends (and increase the volume of a room).  Pictionary, Just Dance, and Things, are all great ways to get people chatting and laughing in no time. Set out some snacks, crank the tunes, and you’ve got yourself a party.


If you have an hour…

Go out for Margaritas and chips.  Find a place that has a daily special and head over for happy hour.  It might be fun to have some quirky questions prepared beforehand to get the conversation rolling. Bring along some pens and have everyone fill out a little survey about how they know you/an embarrassing story/favorite memory etc. The real question is, who doesn’t love introductions over cocktails?


If it is impossible for everyone to meet in person…

Have a Skype date.  This will make everyone more familiar with each other and allow people to put faces to names.  You can  share fun stories and fill everyone in at once about upcoming details.  The point is for everyone to get to know each other before the wedding day.


If your wedding day is all about celebrating with the important people in your life, that should be your only concern.  Leave the entertaining duties up to us! DJ Jer Events and Lighting Design is committed to making your night awesome.   Give us a call or visit our website for more information.