What We Do–Uplighting

DJ Jer walks into a venue for a client. After the event occurs, the room looks the same as before. But what happens in between? Transforming the location over a few hours produces a beautiful compliment to the event it accompanies. A large contributing part of the amazing atmosphere created is the uplighting. Uplighting “creates […]

Choosing a Bridal Bouquet

The bouquet a bride carries may seem trivial, but more goes into choosing the flowers that are just right than what the witnesses see coming down the aisle on the big day. This post is all about the FAQs with choosing a bouquet and a compilation of answers from wedding planning and florist experts’ blogs.

The Blank Paper Conundrum (Choosing and Event Theme)

Choosing a theme for an event appears daunting at first glance. A blank piece of paper sits on the table, staring, laughing, doing its best to make an event planner’s brain blank as well. However, there are a few things that may be kept in mind to avoid this blank paper conundrum.

Put On Your Dancing Shoes

Brides & Bridesmaids, Grooms and Groomsmen, shoes are important! No matter how long the wedding ceremony or reception, the wedding party is on their feet.  But here is the big money question: what kind of shoes should you choose that work for both the wedding and the reception? Two answers come to mind:

Dancing in the Clouds

It is known as the Cloud Dance. DJ Jer Events and Lighting Design brings one of the most surreal effects to Sioux Falls. Imagine yourself floating on the clouds during your first dance as a married couple. The crowd stares in awe as the beautiful clouds create an enchanting atmosphere.  Your amazed guests will be […]

Recharging Before I Do

The Rest Before the Best It’s good to get in a healthy dose of  ‘me time’ before the wedding day. Sneaking in some quiet time will rejuvenate your mind for all the interactions you’re about to have.  To recharge, light some candles, dim the lights and soak in the tub or read a leisurely book.  […]

Tips for Your Winter Wedding

Find inspiration for your winter wedding below.  Tis the season for happy times! 1.) Have your bridesmaids wear warm matching shawls. 2.) Accent your space with candles for a pleasant, cozy feel. 3.)  Hand out hand-warmers and blankets to your guests if the ceremony is outside. 4.) Add ice sculptures and evergreen branches to your […]

What to Stash in Your Emergency Wedding Kit

We all have that brief moment of panic when we realize we forgot put on deodorant in the morning.  As busy as the wedding day is, it’s easy to forget the little things before the big thing.  Every bride should be prepared by having a emergency kit handy filled with little essentials to grab on […]

Guest Book Inspiration

The traditional guest book, the one where everyone signs their name on the line with a scribbled congratulations after.  Flash forward a couple years and you find the book sitting on a random shelf collecting dust.   Make your guest book one you can admire everyday by using one of these ideas below.   Want a […]