Most Popular Months for a Wedding

Is wedding season wrapping up, or just beginning? Traditionally, the month of June is one of the more popular times of the year to get married. One of the reasons is that it is warm, but not too hot or humid. The perfect environment for outdoor ceremonies and receptions. Because of this and above average […]

Wedding Monograms

Having a customized monogram made for your wedding can be a special addition to your decor. It is great for branding an event while also showing off some style. Monograms can turn anything simple and boring into something original and personalized. At DJ Jer Events and Lighting Design, we take the time to make sure […]

What’s For Dinner…Music?

What’s for dinner? This may be a question asked by many of your guests. While this is very important, don’t underestimate the importance of dinner music or cocktail hour music. Music sets the tone for an audible ambiance, just like up lighting sets the tone for visionary ambiance. One thing to consider is to set […]

Coral – Teal – Blush? Oh My! Top Summer Wedding Color Trends of 2017…

Wedding season is upon us! What colors are you using for your wedding? We researched the top trends for spring and summer weddings in 2017. According to the top five color combos vary from romantic pastels to fun, bright aqua blues. Read below to learn more about these color combinations. Sage, blush and rose […]

New staff at DJ Jer

Sara Brech joined DJ Jer Events & Lighting Design to provide administrative, marketing and client support. Sara is a natural fit into the business, as she is married to Jeremy Brech aka “DJ Jer”. Sara has a BS in graphic design and has worked in graphic design, production coordinator and sales support roles for different […]

What We Do–Decorations

Decorations are the things that every event needs but should go mostly unnoticed. In other words, they should add to an event without drawing focus from the entertainment. At themed events or weddings, decorations become even more important to pull together the fabric of the event. In our ‘extra details’ we include many decorations to […]

Dance Floor Heroes

If dancing isn’t your strong suit, the wedding reception may be your arch-nemesis. From popular hits to the slow dance classics, dancing in front of people can be scary. Honestly, how do people make it look so easy? Really, it’s all about confidence and how you move your feet. But that may not be a […]

Getting the Word Out

No matter how well planned an event or how perfect a venue, getting the word out is perhaps the most important aspect of any event. A surprisingly large slice of the corporate world does not know how to publicize their events to the largest audience they would want. So what resources should they use to […]

What We Do–Lighting Textures

On our results page, we have a tab entitled “Lighting Textures”. But…what does that mean? A lighting texture is a breakup of light thrown onto a surface in a pattern. In other words, it makes the light used to illuminate an event throw in certain shapes. These shapes can be abstract or custom monograms for […]