Wedding planning is full of big decisions and can often get stressful with so much to complete.  Having someone help you, like a wedding planner or a great DJ can be a lifesaver. Our DJs go above and beyond to make sure your wedding day is stress-free. We pride ourselves in not only being there for your music needs, but also being there for you during the planning process.  Here are some extra steps you can take to become more prepared for your spectacular day.

First Dance Jitters

First dances can be nerve-racking, especially if you aren’t one to jump on the dance floor.  Taking a couple lesson beforehand can make all the difference in your confidence. Having someone to guide and instruct you by your side can be a huge relief. Make sure to wear your dancing shoes so you can break them in.

Wedding Dress

Once you find your dress, there are going to be multiple fittings and alterations to follow. At these fittings, move around in the dress and make sure you are able to comfortably dance in it. The more comfortable you feel, the more confidence you will show.  Being comfortable and relaxed in your wedding dress is one less thing you’ll have to stress about.

Managing Stress

Schedule spa day to relax in the comfort of your home or at the local salon.  The amount of money you spend is up to you! You can schedule a massage, or run yourself a nice bubble bath. The bottom line is to make time for yourself.  Take breaks.  Planning a wedding can be a hectic process, but it is suppose to be fun (so leave the hard stuff for the wedding planners).

Bridesmaids Bonding

A lot of the times, bridesmaids will not know each other. Having an activity planned to get to know everyone before the wedding day, will make everyone more comfortable around each other and create some great energy.  One idea could be to get together to make DIY centerpieces.  This way you are not only bonding with your bridesmaids, but also tackling a project on your to-do list.  Laughing and having fun together is never wasted time.

Public Speaking Nerves

Not everyone is biting at the bit to speak in front of a crowd.  Public speaking comes more naturally for some than it does for others.  Making sure everybody who is planning on making a speech has the help available and rehearses their part beforehand.  At DJ Jer Events and Lighting Design, our DJs will assist you and your wedding party in perfecting the speeches. And as the famous saying goes, “practice makes perfect.”