Our New YouTube Channel is Ready for You!

Watching a video about a topic that you love or are interested in can be a lot more fun than reading about it for some people. That’s why we want to share some of what we do through our videos! With lots of time and hard work, our new YouTube channel, Sioux Falls DJ Jer, […]

Local Event Venues You Will Love

Check out these Sioux Falls and other local wedding/event venues that we know you will love! These venues are great for big groups of people and have the ability to be transformed however you like… with the right help, that is. At DJ Jer Events and Lighting Design, we love being able to work with […]

How to Personalize Your Wedding Party Intros

A Big Entrance Wedding party entrances and introductions are a fun way that you can start off your reception with a bang! And they are so easy to make unique and memorable. Giving your guests a little background on your wedding party can help everyone in the crowd feel as if they know each other […]

The Instagram Booth

Say Cheese! Taking pictures and documenting moments are important to so many people in today’s day and age. Even social media is evolving, focusing more than ever on the picture aspects of the sites and apps. Instagram is one of these sites that is becoming especially popular because of the abilities to edit, crop, and […]

A One-of-a-Kind Father Daughter Dance

Having those special, unique moments on your wedding day is as important to us as it is to you. We love to be a part of creating memories that will last you and all of your guests a lifetime. DJ Jer Events and Lighting Design recently helped a bride and her father light up the […]