The role of the Master of Ceremonies is usually one of the most overlooked aspects of a wedding day. Yes as a host and MC our job is to orchestrate the day while making sure that everything runs smooth… and even to play music. But we are also there to set the tone, to tell a story. Your guests dropped everything¬† to share a day where you united in marriage and now it is time to make them feel welcomed.


Your MC is your spokes person, the person speaking on your behalf on your wedding day. Your guests sit back, relax and enjoy a perfectly smooth celebration and that is when they realize that you wanted the best for them as your guests. If the MC doesn’t do their job before the dance starts, your guest won’t even care about the dance. Celebrate with peace of mind and engage your guests in the EXPERIENCE!

It was such a weight off our shoulders to know that he would keep everything running smooth. The entire night was so organized and perfect — happy hour, dinner, speeches, cake, champagne, music, dance. Every single thing was perfect.