Dance Floor Heroes

If dancing isn’t your strong suit, the wedding reception may be your arch-nemesis. From popular hits to the slow dance classics, dancing in front of people can be scary. Honestly, how do people make it look so easy? Really, it’s all about confidence and how you move your feet. But that may not be a […]

Choosing a Bridal Bouquet

The bouquet a bride carries may seem trivial, but more goes into choosing the flowers that are just right than what the witnesses see coming down the aisle on the big day. This post is all about the FAQs with choosing a bouquet and a compilation of answers from wedding planning and florist experts’ blogs.

How to Personalize Your Wedding Party Intros

A Big Entrance Wedding party entrances and introductions are a fun way that you can start off your reception with a bang! And they are so easy to make unique and memorable. Giving your guests a little background on your wedding party can help everyone in the crowd feel as if they know each other […]