Ready, Set, Relaunch!

Party day at Uptown Events is finally here and we are all set up in our new space! Everyone has been working hard to prepare the building for its showcasing and the work has indefinitely paid off. With some fabulous decorating and the coming together of 12 independent businesses, a creative and incredibly unique space […]

DJ Jer Joins Uptown Events

We are excited to announce that this past April of 2015, DJ Jer Events and Lighting joined together with Uptown Events in Sioux Falls. Uptown Events is a place thriving with a diverse set of event and wedding professionals, all specializing in their own area of expertise while working under the same roof. Meet the […]

A Year with Sioux Falls Wedding Photographers

I(DJ Jer) have been fortunate to work with some of the best professionals in the business. In the wedding business there isn’t a second chance or a “Let’s try that again!” It has to be dead on every single time. As a professional Wedding Entertainment Director┬« I have a very important role in the success […]