Most Popular Months for a Wedding

Is wedding season wrapping up, or just beginning? Traditionally, the month of June is one of the more popular times of the year to get married. One of the reasons is that it is warm, but not too hot or humid. The perfect environment for outdoor ceremonies and receptions. Because of this and above average […]

Dance Floor Heroes

If dancing isn’t your strong suit, the wedding reception may be your arch-nemesis. From popular hits to the slow dance classics, dancing in front of people can be scary. Honestly, how do people make it look so easy? Really, it’s all about confidence and how you move your feet. But that may not be a […]

Choosing a Bridal Bouquet

The bouquet a bride carries may seem trivial, but more goes into choosing the flowers that are just right than what the witnesses see coming down the aisle on the big day. This post is all about the FAQs with choosing a bouquet and a compilation of answers from wedding planning and florist experts’ blogs.

Wedding Advice You’ll Want To Hear

Noteworthy Tips If you like your hair after the trial run, let the selfies begin!  The more pictures you have the easier it will be for your stylist to recreate the look. Book airfare at least three months in advance, especially for international flights. Make time to eat as you and your wedding party are […]

Pump It UP

It seems only natural to talk about the universal language of women. Shoes. The big day holds many options for what shoes to wear. We all know what a good pair of shoes can do for your day. Once you have the perfect pair picked out, you can personalize them even more.  Here are a […]

Great Wedding Theme Ideas

Having a themed wedding is becoming a popular trend and it can help to make every aspect of the day fit together perfectly. Your wedding theme can be extravagant like the Alice in Wonderland themed pictured above or it can be subtle… but having a theme is a great idea no matter your taste or […]

The Money Dance: Is It Right For Your Wedding?

Pinterest The money, or “dollar”, dance is one of those wedding traditions that can be a bit controversial. For those of you that do not know what a money dance is, it is usually done towards the end of the reception when the bride and groom dance with their guests in exchange for a dollar. […]

How To Pick Your Wedding DJ

Pinterest Picking a DJ for your wedding is a bigger commitment than you may originally think. Hiring someone with experience and passion is important, but there are many other aspects that will take your wedding to the next level. At DJ Jer Events and Lighting Design, we pride ourselves in the work we do for […]

The Last Dance

Pinterest A couple’s last dance may not be the most anticipated dance when it comes to all of the special dances happening at a wedding reception, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t important or that it wont be memorable. We want to help make every moment of your reception memorable by sharing one of the […]

How To Spice Up The Bouquet Toss

Pinterest The bouquet toss is an old wedding tradition that is usually paired with the garter toss. After the newlyweds’ cake cutting, the groom first removes the garter from the bride and tosses it to the unmarried men, which is followed by the bride tossing the bouquet to all the unmarried women. The lucky two […]

Music Trending Today

Pinterest The list of songs that a couple can choose to play at their wedding is constantly growing and sometimes it can be hard to choose or create a playlist big enough! Many people’s playlists include their personal favorites, popular oldies, and the greatest hits of today. In 2015, a few older songs are being […]

Mother-Son Dance Song Ideas

Pinterest Having a mother-son dance for the groom and the mother of the groom is becoming a growing tradition for weddings. It emphasizes the fact that the wedding is about the bride and the groom, and each of their families coming together. This dance is complimentary to the father daughter dance and is similar in […]

Let’s Talk Cake

Just thinking about wedding cake gets my mouth watering. Not only are they amazing tasting, but they are amazing looking, too! Your wedding cake look can be inspired by just about anything. Whether its a theme, color, flower, shape, or design, bakers seem to be able to do just about anything these days. Here at […]