Most Popular Months for a Wedding

Is wedding season wrapping up, or just beginning? Traditionally, the month of June is one of the more popular times of the year to get married. One of the reasons is that it is warm, but not too hot or humid. The perfect environment for outdoor ceremonies and receptions. Because of this and above average […]

Wedding Monograms

Having a customized monogram made for your wedding can be a special addition to your decor. It is great for branding an event while also showing off some style. Monograms can turn anything simple and boring into something original and personalized. At DJ Jer Events and Lighting Design, we take the time to make sure […]

Coral – Teal – Blush? Oh My! Top Summer Wedding Color Trends of 2017…

Wedding season is upon us! What colors are you using for your wedding? We researched the top trends for spring and summer weddings in 2017. According to the top five color combos vary from romantic pastels to fun, bright aqua blues. Read below to learn more about these color combinations. Sage, blush and rose […]

What We Do–Lighting Textures

On our results page, we have a tab entitled “Lighting Textures”. But…what does that mean? A lighting texture is a breakup of light thrown onto a surface in a pattern. In other words, it makes the light used to illuminate an event throw in certain shapes. These shapes can be abstract or custom monograms for […]

What We Do–Uplighting

DJ Jer walks into a venue for a client. After the event occurs, the room looks the same as before. But what happens in between? Transforming the location over a few hours produces a beautiful compliment to the event it accompanies. A large contributing part of the amazing atmosphere created is the uplighting. Uplighting “creates […]

Dancing in the Clouds

It is known as the Cloud Dance. DJ Jer Events and Lighting Design brings one of the most surreal effects to Sioux Falls. Imagine yourself floating on the clouds during your first dance as a married couple. The crowd stares in awe as the beautiful clouds create an enchanting atmosphere.  Your amazed guests will be […]

Greenlight A Vet-November 11th

Heroes often go unnoticed in the hectic hustle of everyday life. Greenlight A Vet is a national campaign aimed at changing unseen support by recognizing veterans with a green light. To show vets our appreciation, they urge us to change one light bulb in our homes to green. Why, because green symbolizes hope, renewal, and […]

Great Wedding Theme Ideas

Having a themed wedding is becoming a popular trend and it can help to make every aspect of the day fit together perfectly. Your wedding theme can be extravagant like the Alice in Wonderland themed pictured above or it can be subtle… but having a theme is a great idea no matter your taste or […]

How To Pick Your Wedding DJ

Pinterest Picking a DJ for your wedding is a bigger commitment than you may originally think. Hiring someone with experience and passion is important, but there are many other aspects that will take your wedding to the next level. At DJ Jer Events and Lighting Design, we pride ourselves in the work we do for […]

DJ Jer in the Wedding Planner Magazine

Did you know that last May, DJ Jer Events and Lighting Design was featured in the Wedding Planner Magazine? We were honored to be picked as one of three businesses to share pictures, details, and behind the scenes work from a beautiful tent wedding that we were a part of creating. The September tent wedding […]

Let’s Talk Cake

Just thinking about wedding cake gets my mouth watering. Not only are they amazing tasting, but they are amazing looking, too! Your wedding cake look can be inspired by just about anything. Whether its a theme, color, flower, shape, or design, bakers seem to be able to do just about anything these days. Here at […]

Another Side Of DJ Jer

As Jeremy Brech of DJ Jer Events and Lighting Design gets ready to set off for another convention this week, we thought we would tell you a little bit about what he has been busy with this past year, this summer, and what is coming up for him in the future. This Past Year: Jeremy […]

Our New YouTube Channel is Ready for You!

Watching a video about a topic that you love or are interested in can be a lot more fun than reading about it for some people. That’s why we want to share some of what we do through our videos! With lots of time and hard work, our new YouTube channel, Sioux Falls DJ Jer, […]